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Why Have The Wine Coach Plan Your Restaurant Wine Program?

The Wine Coach works with restaurateurs who wish to increase their revenue from wine. Wines can be selected—at any price-point—to enhance every cuisine. In addition, The Wine Coach can develop specialty lists that explain which wines will enhance specific dishes.

photoHe has consulted with dozens of restaurateurs and sommeliers about wine trends and creating wine lists to complement the characteristics of diverse cuisines, from Continental to Asian. He is an advocate of fair wine pricing to stimulate customer demand. He works carefully to implement wine-by-the-glass programs that can highlight tasting menus and entice patrons who want to order a single glass or a different wine with each course.

Wine is increasingly the beverage of choice, but many patrons do not know how to select wines. Remove the uncertainty. Let your patrons be comfortable ordering wine, and your wine revenue will increase substantially.

Contact The Wine Coach today to build a wine program that will enhance your restaurant's revenue!

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